About PAP

The Pancyprian Association for Psychotherapists (PAP) was founded on the 6th of February 2013 on the principles of the Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy (1990) to provide a professional and regulatory body at European standards of practice and conduct for all psychotherapists in Cyprus.

The main documents of the Association are:

Document 1: Memorandum of Association (download English)  (download Greek)
Document 2: Articles of Association (download English)  (download Greek)
Document 3: Internal Regulation (download English)
Document 4: Code of Ethics (download English)

On the 1st August 2013, PAP was approved as a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). On the 21st of February 2015, PAP was approved and appointed by the EAP as the official National Umbrella Organisation (NUO) for psychotherapists in Cyprus and, on the 2nd November 2015 it was accredited by the EAP as the National Awarding Organisation (NAO) for psychotherapists in Cyprus.

The EAP represents 128 organisations (including 31 NUOs and 17 European-wide associations) from 41 European countries and by that, more than 12000 individual psychotherapy members in Europe. The EAP awards the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP) to successful applicants which is being advanced by the EAP to become the official certificate for the professional psychotherapist in the European Union.

PAP's accreditation by a leading European organisation as the main professional body of psychotherapists in Cyprus is of historical significance as it places psychotherapy in Cyprus firmly on the map of psychotherapy in Europe. Psychotherapists in Cyprus are now represented at the Council of the EAP in Europe and can now be awarded the ECP by the EAP by applying through PAP. There are presently 19 ECP holders in Cyprus on the ECP-register, 15 of which are PAP members. PAP’s ethos is that of working together with all other professionals for the welfare of the public and psychotherapy in Cyprus.

PAP is:

  • Promoting and maintaining the highest possible professional standards of training, practice and professional conduct of psychotherapists and affiliated professionals.
  • Providing the public with a register of accredited training institutes and qualified psychotherapists (and affiliated professionals) who adhere to continuous professional development (CPD) requirements and a professional code of ethics and practice.
  • Providing informed advice on matters of psychotherapy to the public, the government and its members.
  • Providing a facilitating professional environment for its members.
  • Conferring the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) to applicants in Cyprus on behalf of the European Association for Psychotherapy.
  • Representing the majority of psychotherapists in Cyprus to the public, the media and the government.