Mrs Vicky Balomenou

Systemic Psychotherapist
Tel: +357 22376522
Fax: +357 22376527
Languages:  Greek

Vicky Balomenou (BSWASA, PhD Candidate) is a Systemic-Psychotherapist (ECPEFTA) trained at the Systemic Institute of Salonica, Thrace-Greece. She is also a trained Social Worker and a counsellor for substance dependency (ITACA).  She is the director of the Systemic Institute of Cyprus (SIC) and President of the Council of the Centre for Research and Systemic Application of Cyprus.  She has a scientific responsibility for the Program ‘Nobody Slips the Net in Cyprus’, which deals with the prevention of abuse, neglect and other psychosocial problems and which is under the auspices of the Commissioner for the Protection of Childrens’ Rights.  Vicky has worked for seven years in the field of substance dependency (KETHEA-GREECE, AGIA SKEPI) and a year at the Centre for Family Guidance of the Welfare Office. Vicky was distinguished at three Pan-Hellenic poetry competitions and writes stories for children and adults.